Performance Company Information

Are you ready to take your dance training to the next level and still have time for school, friends, and other activities?

The Bisland Dance Centre firmly believes that with our condensed Performance Company training schedule, you can become the technically proficient dancer you have always dreamed of becoming while maintaining and healthy life-dance balance! And, after seven seasons of implementing our vision, BDC has the first overall dancers to prove our program works!

With three training streams to choose from, serious dancers can audition for and become a part of the company that best suits their needs to actualize their dreams of becoming a strong and artistic dancer without monopolizing their schedule.

BDC offers three levels of training; our Part Time Company trains twice a week, our Full Time Company trains three times a week, and our Enriched Full Time Company trains four times a week for approximately three to four hours per night per company. This allows students to get specific, high quality training in less time and, as a result, dancers are more focused and eager to excel rather than feeling tired, stressed and burned out.

The Bisland Dance Centre prides itself on not only staying up to date with the latest in dance science, but also implementing that knowledge into the daily dance classes being taught. This ensures students are receiving the most relevant and efficient training methods available to create healthy, happy, technically strong, and well balanced dancers!

If you are ready to experience competitive level dance in a whole new way, call 905.493.3550 or email for your assessment today!