Do students have to wear any specific clothing for classes?

Absolutely. Dance is a visual art form using the body, therefore, the instructor needs to be able to see the placement of the body in order to give useful feedback for proper development and growth. Hiding under layers of clothing is dangerous! Faulty placement/practice will injure the body overtime and with repetition. As such, proper dance wear for each class is mandatory. Check the news page for the most up-to-date version of our dress code.

What are your studio policies and procedures?

As with the dress code, please check the news page for the most up-to-date version of our policies and procedures charter.

Will students get individual attention?

One of our primary goals is to have an environment where each student gets all the attention they need by keeping our classes manageable and having instructors who can take the time to meet with and focus on each individual student.

Is it possible to cancel enrolment during a lesson term? Can I get my money back?

To withdraw from a dance class, you must come into the studio to complete a withdraw form. Voicemails and emails are not considered a valid withdrawal. If you withdraw from a class before the term is complete, a refund will not be issued for the remainder of the term. However, remaining term payments will be returned/not processed. For payments made in full, and requiring a refund, a cheque will be issued to you and sent out within 5-7 business days upon completing a withdraw form. You will be charged a $10 administration fee if you are issued a refund.

Can students start half-way through a session?

New students will not be able to register after the second Saturday in January for our regular season classes (Sept-June). Please note that The Bisland Dance Centre may be offering 16-week winter sessions in the future based on enrolment requirements.

What methods of payment are acceptable?

The Bisland Dance Centre accepts payments by debit, Visa and Mastercard; no cheques please. If choosing the three term payment plan and paying by debit, a valid credit card number must be presented at time of registration. If a debit payment is not made by the due date, tuition will then be charged to the credit card provided at registration.

Do you accept reservations online?

Yes! Click below to register for upcoming classes.

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My child doesn't turn 3 until January. When can they start dancing at The Bisland Dance Centre?

The Bisland Dance Centre will be offering a sixteen week session in January for those students who want to dance but were too young in September to enroll in the regular season. These pre-dance classes will follow the same syllabus as our regular season classes, and they will perform in the recital. Sixteen week pre-dance classes will run based on enrollment requirements, so contact Kathryn directly if interested.

Do you have a Performance Company?

Opportunities are available in this field, please contact Kathryn directly for more information and to arrange a meeting/audition for your child.